With names like Sassy, Rosebud and Molly McButter, they nuzzle you like a puppy and then whisk you away to a morning or afternoon of adventure. At Camp Strawderman, riding is one of our main activities with a stable of over 40 camp-owned horses. We encourage all campers to take advantage of our professional instruction, beautiful animals trained to respond to the subtlest of cues, and our pristine mountain trails.
Riders are grouped according to ability with classes in beginning, intermediate and advanced equitation. And once a camper is truly at home in the saddle, she is able to qualify for instruction over fences. In addition, all our riders get to display their newfound horsemanship before qualified judges at the end of each two-week session.
We also offer morning and afternoon trail rides plus Cavalry– an all-out advanced ride that leaves at six in the morning “to patrol the outlying trails of Fort Strawderman”. And for girls over the age of 10, we offer the opportunity to learn grooming and horse care. It’s a chance to take an active role in the care and feeding of these magnificent animals and enjoy the kind of bond they write books about. (Not to mention, experience the occasional nudge from Glory, our camp donkey.)